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CE marking mandatory for fire doors since 1.11.2019


Europe has given the fire-resistant door and hung door market a new direction. The CE marking clearly defines the responsibility of the product's composition, in combination with delivery and installation. The required fire-resistance duration of fire partitions and their fire-exit passageways varies in Europe from country to country. The way in which fire resistance is determine is identical for all EU countries. The introduction of the European standards and integrating them into national legislation and regulation offers clear guidelines, and ensures that products do no longer need to be developed and tested in each country separately, on based on different national standards. As standard, all our products meet the highest European requirements in terms of fire partitioning EI1 / EI2, and also possess a wide range of supplementary technical specifications, each additionally tested certified within their own legislation. They also comply with the specific Swiss VKF legislation. Our years of experience in the field of fire partitioning within the European market means we also hold defined country-specific certification allowing us in addition to comply with many defined country-specific requirements or features, on top of the required European regulations and its CE marking.

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