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Fire-resistant sectional doors


Fire-resistant sectional doors

Fire resistance
EN 16034-1: EI1/ EI2/ EW 60', 90', 120', 180', 240'.
NBN 713.020 + BENOR ATG EN 13501-2

  • Tested on both sides

  • Without irrigation

  • WIPO 2.0 automatic control

  • Highly robust

  • Available in colour and to size

  • Fail-safe

  • Functional gate

  • Combinable additional features

  • Combinable additional features:
Technical sheet

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Technical sheet

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Installation options

Lowered lift

With limited upper space

Horizontal lift

From 600 mm upper space

Slanting lift

Downward angle <45°

Vertical lift

Vertical upward

Mounting walls

Brickwork concrete blocks

Cellular concrete

Concrete blocks

Fire-resistant panels

Poured concrete

Quick-build bricks


WIPO 2.0 control

WIPO® 2.0 is an exclusive Winlock product.
This control has been specially designed for new-generation fire doors. Based on the expertise of recent years along with requirements according to legislation, the requests and wishes of our often demanding customers, the definition according to the EN 13241-1 and the CE marking (1.11.2019), a control was developed that not only combines fire and safety requirements, but also takes open communication and transparency to its direct user into account.

Every action of whatever nature is logged. The arrangement, mounting, cabling and finish of this control have been carefully selected with view to a durable and low-maintenance life.

This control has passed all the necessary inspections endorsed by renowned, leading testing bodies, in order to prevent any differences in interpretation or conflicts.

WIPO 2.0 standard

A number of features:

  • Emergency batteries as standard
  • Door can be used actively
  • Inching control on both sides as standard
  • Beacon included as standard
  • Fitted with a display with touch screen and complete monitoring as standard
  • Fire-resistant evacuation control as standard, even if loss of power
  • Finished in RAL 3000 as standard

The WIPO can be finished in a RAL colour of your choice, in line with the corporate identity.

Other possible finishes


Asbjornsen Wervik


KTN Kallo

Arura Erembodegem

Demagri Langemark

FedEx Nivelles

VEG-i-TEC Kortrijk

Antvest Schelle

Katoen Natie Antwerpen

FFP Lommel

Aminolabs Hasselt

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