About us

We specialise in manufacturing quality fire resistant sectional shutters and customised doors.

Winlock is a truly versatile partner in fire compartmentalisation, extremely flexible with a sustainable competitive vision sustained by quality and innovation and with an emphasis on vertical integration.

We think along with our customer, in any sector, whatever the application, and gladly put our problem-solving knowledge and expertise to work to offer the best possible product.
Because every sector has different requirements and every customer has its own needs, all our products are custom-made. Winlock offers a total package, accurately reflecting the customer’s wishes.

Our customers are both contractors and private individuals.

Single point of contact

At Winlock we are at your service every step of the way, from manufacturing to supplying and installing fire resistant shutters or doors. We do this in a very efficient and personal way, because you are always in contact with a single contact person. You can turn to them right from the start with all your questions and comments.

Research and Development

Winlock is already seeking answers to tomorrow’s questions today. We are constantly working on new products, solutions, innovative techniques and processes for a sustainable future. With custom-made solutions for our customers, we set new standards and respond to developments within our niche market, both nationally and internationally.


Production takes place in-house with experienced staff who, working within an FPC quality management system, transform our ideas and solutions with the utmost care and knowledge into a niche product with high technical added value, made to customer specifications.

Sales engineering

Sales engineers support you in the search for the right product for your particular situation, to build a sustainable partnership based on an inspiring attitude, technical support and a competitive spirit. Sharing knowledge and information in the field of fire compartmentalisation plays a key role in this.

Project engineering

Project engineers will support you in the execution of every project. Their measurements are translated by our drawing department into 2D or 3D drafts or BIM objects. With their experienced outlook and open transparent communication, they ensure efficient follow-up.


Fire resistance depends not only on the materials and manufacturing methods used, but equally on the accuracy and care taken in installing the door. Onze montageteams staan in voor een feilloze plaatsing volgens de regels van de kunst. Our teams ensure flawless, state-of-the-art installation, issuing an installation certificate for each shutter appropriate to each individual situation.

After-sales service

To ensure the fire resistant and durable nature of our products and their proper performance in the event of a fire, targeted and informed maintenance is advised. We are at your service 24/7 to offer you a problem-solving and timely response prioritising the certification of our services and our products for both maintenance and repair.

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