WINLOCK has been manufacturing industrial fire shutters and doors for more than 25 years

Industrial fire doors and shutters

Fire resistance is the primary characteristic, but not the only one. Every Winlock product can be effortlessly integrated with sound-proofing, intrusion protection, smoke-proofing, explosion protection or liquid barrier applications and also serves as a functional door. Winlock offers a full package of services to take care of everything: manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance, repair, etc.

More than 25 years’ experience

Production in Belgium

Own delivery and installation service

At your service 24/7

Special projects to be proud of

All our doors and shutters are produced locally with the greatest respect for people and nature. View some of our projects here.

Maintenance and aftersales service

To ensure the fire resistant and durable nature of our products and their proper performance in the event of a fire, targeted and informed maintenance is advised.

We are at your service 24/7 to offer you a problem-solving and timely response prioritising the certification of our services and our products for both maintenance and repair.

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