Maintenance and aftersales service

To ensure the fire resistance and durability of our products. And to ensure their proper operation in case of fire, supported maintenance and service is appropriate.

We are at your service 24/7 to provide you with a problem-solving and time-efficient response. In it, the certification of our services and products both in maintenance and repairs is prioritized.

Annual maintenance

We recommend maintenance once a year or every 1000 cycles. When a fire shutter is checked regularly, defects are identified more quickly and action can also be taken more quickly. In practice, this often also means that you can avoid major repairs and/or large costs. You can even apply for a certificate of conformity after the inspection.

If you require maintenance, we will come on site to survey everything with an appropriate proposal. In addition to one-time maintenance, we are also open to long-term agreements.

Training technicians

For us, development and self-development is essential. This is why every technician receives the necessary training to ensure they can provide you with the best service.

The checks are always performed using a checklist. This way, your fire-resistant shutter or door will be checked from top to bottom.

Frequently asked questions about maintenance and service for fire-resistant shutters or doors

How often should fire-resistant shutters or doors be maintained?

It is recommended that fire-resistant shutters or doors be serviced at least once a year. Consult manufacturer’s guidelines and local authorities for accurate recommendations.

Who is responsible for maintaining fire resistant shutters or doors?

As the owner or operator of the building, you are responsible for regular maintenance. Work with a licensed professional such as Winlock with experience in fire protection systems.

What does maintenance of fire resistant shutters or doors entail?

Maintenance includes visual inspection, checking locking mechanisms, hinges and seals, and testing automatic locking mechanisms. Damaged or worn parts may need to be repaired or replaced.

What should I do if damage is found to a fire resistant shutter or door?

Report damage immediately to the party responsible for maintenance and repair. Rapid repair is essential to ensure the fire resistance and safety of the door. For this you can also contact us.

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