Air lock


L1, L2, L3 en L4 (EN 1026 en EN12207)

Airtightness ensures that only a small amount of gas flows between two areas with different air pressure separated by a door.

This characteristic is often combined with watertightness and windtightness. Together these characteristics are known as AWW (air-water-wind).

What can airtight doors be used for?

Airtightness tests establish whether a building is airtight, which improves its energy performance (e.g. in combination with thermal insulation).

This property is also useful in the nuclear and chemical sectors, etc. Some areas are set at higher pressure to prevent the transfer of dust or particles into adjacent areas. For measuring HVAC equipment, it is vital to control the flow rates of the room, and the doors and windows in particular.


Metal+, the basis of every Winlock door!

The distinctive feature of the Metal+ concept is its modularity: each door is characterised by the same sturdy structure, allowing numerous properties and features to be combined in a single interior or exterior door! Regardless of their features, WINLOCK doors always have the same appearance.
They can be finished in top-quality galvanised steel, stainless steel or RAL colour. The separate parts of the door assembly are screwed (not welded), which is possible thanks to the encircling internal frame. This ensures exceptional strength leading to minimal maintenance. After damage or vandalism, parts (such as the hinges or cover plates) can easily be replaced or realigned.


  • The unique metal+ construction guarantees a long service life.
  • Maintenance is minimal, except under extreme circumstances.
  • Rapid repairs are often possible in the event of damage or vandalism, thanks to the unique screwed construction.
  • WINLOCK’s doors are guaranteed for 15 years!
  • Frequency of use: doors retain their compartmentalising function even after 1,000,000 opening and closing cycles

Additional features

Winlock shutters can combine different features. Depending on your needs, one or more features can be added to the standard Winlock.

Winlock, Out lock, Safe lock, Noise lock, Food lock, Wind lock, Smoke lock, Anti-panic lock, Thermic lock, Bullet lock, Explosion lock

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