Fire doors

In a dynamic industrial environment where safety plays a key role, we welcome you to Winlock – the pioneer in high-quality fire safety solutions.

Alongside our fire resistant sectional shutters, we are proud to introduce our extensive range of fire doors, specially designed to meet the most exacting needs of industrial firms in a variety of sectors.

Metal+, the basis of every fire resistant Winlock door!

At Winlock, we don’t rest on our laurels; we embrace constant innovation as the driving force behind our products. The Metal+ base, our pride and joy, is the foundation of every Winlock door. What makes this concept truly outstanding is the modularity inherent in the Metal+ structure. Every door, whether for internal or external access, is imbued with the same solid construction, seamlessly combining a wide range of features and performance.

With the Metal+ base, we have set ourselves a twofold goal: to meet our customers’ unique requirements and to maintain the very highest European fire safety standards. Whether you need sound insulation, thermal regulation, intrusion prevention or other specific requirements, our fire doors help you with all these aspects with admirable versatility.

Our industrial fire doors have a range of fire resistance levels

Winlock has proven itself not only as a market leader, but as a crucial partner for industrial firms that understand the value of safety. Our industrial fire doors excel with a range of fire resistance ratings, ranging from an impactful 30 and 60 minutes to an impressive 240 minutes.

Our dedication to superior quality transforms these doors into more than just access points; they are guardians of peace of mind, security and long-term durability.

Made to measure applications

Every sector has different demands and each customer has its own needs and requirements. For this reason we manufacture customised fire doors.

If you would like a custom-made fire door, just take a look at our applications.

Which doors should be fire-resistant?

Fire-resistant doors should be installed in locations where fire safety is critical, such as stairwells, escape routes, separations between compartments and areas where flammable materials are stored.

How long does a normal door hold back fire?

A normal entrance without fireproof features can stop the spread of fire for only a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the type of door and the materials from which it is made. Fire doors prevent the spread of fire, smoke and heat within a building.

Is fire-resistant also smoke-resistant?

Yes, these are designed to prevent both the spread of fire and smoke within a building. They contribute to the safety of people trying to leave the building and facilitate evacuation.

What is the difference between fire-resistant and fire-retardant?

Fire-resistant doors provide resistance to the spread of fire for a certain period of time, according to specific standards and certification requirements. Fire retardant materials, on the other hand, slow the development of fire, but may not guarantee complete protection for a period of time.

How thick should a fire-resistant door be?

Fireproof entrances typically have a minimum thickness of 40 millimeters, but specific requirements may vary depending on local building codes and standards. It is important to consult applicable regulations to determine the exact thickness requirements for fire doors in a specific situation.

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