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Fire-resistant doors


Fire-resistant doors

Metal+, the basis of each Winlock door!

What's special about the Metal+ concept is its modularity: each door is characterised by its sturdy structure, meaning a number of qualities and features can be brought together into one single internal or external door. Irrespective of their features, Winlock doors always have the same appearance. All Winlock doors are manufactured to size (< 6 m). They can be finished in galvanised steel of the highest quality, stainless steel or RAL colour. The various component of the door assembly are screwed (not welded). This is possible thanks to the internal circular frame. This ensures exceptional strength resulting in minimal maintenance. Following damage or vandalism, components (such as hinges or the cover plates) can easily be replaced or recalibrated. All Winlock doors are made to measure, and even the accessories and locks are selected according to the end user's specific needs.

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Product Composition

1 Non-shrink mortar
2 Wall-enclosing frame (steel sheet 15/10 or 20/10) for an aesthetic finish (optionally with thermal insulation).
3 Sealing with double lip.
4 Insulation of doorframe (for a fire door: intumescent material).
5 Intern steel frame (tubular profile 60 x 60 x 2 mm).
6 Door leaf consisting of galvanised steel cover sheets of 15/10, screwed into the frame and replaceable separately.
7 Maintenance-free hinges, rotating in a bronze drum, screwed diagonally into the frame, adjustable and replaceable at all times.
8 Extremely strong plastic (for optimally protecting the insulation of the intumescent material integrated into the leaf).

Unique features

1 The unique metal+ structure ensures a long LIFESPAN.
2 MAINTENANCE IS MINIMAL, even in extreme circumstances.
3 In the event of damage or vandalism, SWIFT REPAIR is often possible,
thanks to the unique screwed structure.
4 Winlock doors have a 15-YEAR WARRANTY.
5 FREQUENCY OF USE: retain their partitioning function, irrespective of the number of open and lose cycles.


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